Hazelnut production is an important agricultural sector worldwide and an important source of income for many countries. However, improving productivity and quality is a major challenge for hazelnut producers. Here is a tool that can help overcome this challenge: artificial intelligence-supported multispectral analysis.

What is Multispectral Analysis?

Multispectral analysis is a method for obtaining information about plant health by examining the light reflected by plants at various wavelengths. This can be used to detect plant stress, signs of disease, lack of water and more. These analyses are done with multispectral data collected by aerial imaging tools such as satellites and drones.

Artificial Intelligence and Multispectral Analysis

Multispectral data can be quite complex for humans to understand and interpret, which is where artificial intelligence comes in. AI algorithms can process large amounts of multispectral data quickly and accurately. Here are the benefits of AI-supported multispectral analysis in hazelnut production:

Plant Health Monitoring: Multispectral analysis is an excellent tool for monitoring the health of hazelnut trees. AI can quickly detect signs of plant stress, signs of disease and lack of water. This can be critical for early intervention.
Yield Predictions: Multispectral analysis can make yield predictions by monitoring the growth and development of hazelnut trees. This is important for planning the harvest period and estimating crop quantity.
Irrigation and Fertiliser Management: Multispectral analysis can help determine the water and nutrient needs of hazelnut trees. This allows you to optimise water and fertiliser use, helping you to use resources more efficiently.
Disease and Pest Control: Multispectral analysis can make early detection of diseases and pests. Artificial intelligence can quickly identify these threats and guide farmers to develop control strategies.
Satellite and Drone Based Solutions

In the field of hazelnut production, AI-supported multispectral analysis can be applied both satellite and drone-based. Satellite imagery can cover large areas, while drones provide higher resolution data. This allows hazelnut producers to inspect their fields from both perspectives.

In hazelnut production, AI-supported multispectral analysis is a powerful tool to increase productivity and improve product quality. This technology helps farmers make better decisions on plant health monitoring, irrigation and fertiliser management, disease control and yield forecasts.

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