Artificial Intelligence Assisted Agriculture Analysis

By getting acquainted with our Agrovech solution, technologies such as multispectral analysis and satellite-based visual analysis can provide farmers with detailed information about the general condition of their farmland and the growth factors of plants. Thanks to this information, farmers can increase the yield and quality of their crops, accurately determine the harvest time and utilise their resources more efficiently.


Analysis and Decision Support Systems with Artificial Intelligence

21st century tools such as smart farming software, high precision GPS, sensor technologies, robots and drone-based agricultural analytics have revolutionised the way data is collected and experimented with.


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Turkey's pioneer in smart agriculture

Agrovech, as a leading company in the agriculture sector, helps you manage your farms more efficiently with drone-based analysis technology. With our easy-to-use interface and expert team, we offer you real-time support for field monitoring and crop tracking. Thanks to our data-driven approach, you can get information from your farms anytime, anywhere and optimise your farming with decisions based on this data. You can also increase your crop yield by using our advanced technology to facilitate risk management. Manage your agriculture more efficiently, profitably and sustainably with Agrovech.

  • Import data from any drone, sensors or 360° cameras.

  • Control remotely with satellite images.

  • Select your production area or field and start your checks

  • Discover our AI-powered analysis systems.

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Plant Growth

Monitor the growth of your plants locally.

Sprouting Detection

Observe the emergence of the plants you have planted on your land.

Observation and Detection

See the observation of dense and tall plants as the bird flies.

Chemical Drug Optimisation

Save money by spraying only the problem areas.

Land Tracking

Increase crop yield by correct monitoring of the sowing area

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We offer artificial intelligence-supported solutions with drone or satellite-based images in urban, planning, agriculture, energy issues.

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Founded in 2019 within Sakarya University of Applied Sciences, the VECHÜR team participated in Teknofest competitions in 2020, 2021 and 2022 respectively. With our accumulated knowledge and experience, we are taking firm steps towards corporatisation by targeting entrepreneurship.

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  • Plant Growth

  • Sprouting Detection

  • Observation and Detection

  • Chemical Spraying

  • Land Tracking

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  • Yield Increasing Operations
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  • Abnormal Condition Detection
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    You can contact us for analyses of corn, sunflower, wheat, cotton, bean, potato, radish plants.

    • Stress Analysis
    • Plant Density Analysis
    • Leaf Area Analysis
    • Determination of Harvest Period