Hello nature lovers! Today, the role of technology in understanding and protecting nature is increasing. As Agrovech, we have found an exciting way to explore nature more closely using these technological developments. Let’s discover what this marvel of technology is together!

  1. What Does This Technology Do? Perhaps you may be a little worried when you encounter these technical terms. But don’t worry, because it’s actually quite simple. Agrovech uses satellite images to do things like counting trees in forests and identifying their species. Why? Because it helps us better understand and protect nature!
  2. How does it work? Now, we’ll get a little technical, but without boring you. Satellite images are taken with high-tech cameras and these images are processed by Agrovech’s special software. Artificial intelligence also comes into play. As a result, we can analyse trees in nature more closely and faster.
  3. Why is this important? So, why is this important? Because a better understanding of trees helps us maintain the health of forests. Counting trees and identifying their species helps us protect our environment and build a sustainable future.
  4. You can take part too! This is perhaps the most exciting part! As Agrovech, we invite everyone who is eager to learn more about nature using this marvel of technology. You can join us and take a step to better understand and protect nature!

Result: Tree inventory from satellite imagery is a new and exciting way to explore nature. As Agrovech, we endeavour to protect and better understand nature using this technology. Are you ready to join this excitement?

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As Agrovech, we continue to offer smarter, more sustainable and more efficient solutions in the agricultural industry. We are happy to help you and contribute to the agriculture of the future. Contact us to offer customised solutions for your needs and let’s shape the future of agriculture together!

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