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Smart agriculture is an agricultural model that aims to increase the efficiency of agricultural activities with the use of digital technologies. These technologies include sensors, intelligent control systems, remote monitoring and management tools, drones and artificial intelligence.

As part of smart agriculture, drones are increasingly used in the agricultural sector. The use of drones in the agriculture sector helps to monitor farmland faster and more precisely, detect plant diseases and pests early, and provide farmers with more data to make better decisions.

Drones enable aerial imaging of farmland, which allows farmers to monitor plant growth and health on their farmland, analyse soil fertility and optimise water and fertiliser use. In addition, drones can detect plant diseases and pests early, reducing farmers’ crop losses.

The advantages of smart agriculture include:

  • Increased productivity: Smart agriculture technologies enable the collection and analysis of agricultural data and the optimisation of agricultural activities. In this way, farmers can cultivate their crops more efficiently, resulting in higher quality and more sustainable agriculture.
  • Cost savings: Smart agricultural technologies help to use the resources (water, fertiliser, pesticides, etc.) used in agricultural activities more efficiently. This reduces the costs of farmers.
  • More accurate and faster data: Smart agricultural technologies provide more accurate and faster data thanks to sensors and other tools used to monitor plant growth and health, analyse soil fertility, and detect plant diseases and pests early.
  • Environmentally friendly: Smart agricultural technologies help conserve natural resources (water, soil, etc.) while increasing agricultural productivity. This helps farmers to practice sustainable agriculture.
  • Labour efficiency: Smart agricultural technologies, together with the automation of agricultural activities, reduce the workload of farmers and increase labour productivity.
  • Improved product quality: By detecting plant diseases and pests early, smart agricultural technologies give farmers a chance to intervene and thus reduce crop losses. Also, thanks to more accurate and faster data, farmers can improve the quality of their products.

In conclusion, smart agricultural technologies provide many advantages in the agricultural sector and help farmers to have a more efficient, sustainable and profitable agriculture.

Smart agricultural technologies provide many advantages in the agricultural sector, but they can also have disadvantages. Some possible disadvantages are as follows:

  • High investment costs: Smart agriculture technologies require high technological tools such as sensors, drones, data analysis software, etc. The cost of these tools can be high and it may be difficult for farmers to invest in these technologies.
  • Technical skills requirement: Smart agriculture technologies require technical skills. This means that farmers need to be trained to use these technologies.
  • Loss of employment: The automation of smart agriculture technologies may reduce the need for manpower in agricultural work. This could lead to possible employment losses.

For these reasons, the disadvantages of smart agricultural technologies should also be taken into account and their use should be carefully planned.

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